Revolution Radio is accountable to our local community and we have an Accountability Policy which sets this out in detail.

Accountability Policy 

Our executive management team is overseen by our Board of Directors, including our non-executive Directors, and meets to consider any issues raised by members of the public with the outcome reported back to the person who raised the issue.

There are several methods for the public to raise issues:

Bi-Annual Town Meeting

We hold a ‘town meeting’ every 6 months, open to anyone in our target community in which the executive management team answer questions and listen to feedback. Issues are followed up at board meetings and the outcome fed back to the community.

Listener Contact - Premises

Revolution Radio will be highly visible within Northampton.  Our studios are in a prominent location in the town centre which enables us to be completely accountable by enabling the general public to come and give feedback to the presenter who is live on air whenever they wish.  We will have our live studio in a shop window and reception will be open to the public daily to give us feedback.

Listener Contact – Events

Revolution Radio will attend over 50 local events every year.  At each event we will interact with as many members of the community as possible, using the icebreaker of photography or our mascot, and welcome feedback from listeners and potential listeners. 

Listener Contact – Online

Revolution Radio’s listeners can contact us directly via social media with feedback or via the website, texting, phoning or writing.

Community Advisory Panel

Revolution Radio’s Community Advisory Panel will consist of representatives of organisations with a stake in the service we provide to the community.  It will meet quarterly to review the station’s performance against our Key Commitments.

Representatives of the following organisations/groups will be invited to join the advisory panel.

  • Northampton Interfaith Forum (representing diverse religious communities)
  • United African Association (representing the African community)
  • Northampton Afro-Caribbean Society (representing Afro-Caribbean community)
  • Northampton Bangladeshi Association (Asian community)
  • Northampton Chinese Society (Chinese community)
  • Polski Klub Northampton (Polish / Eastern European community)
  • Northampton Rights and Equality Council
  • Northampton Borough Council
  • Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (voluntary organisations)
  • Northampton Arts Council (arts organisations)
  • Northamptonshire Community Foundation (local charities)
  • Northampton Town Football in the Community Trust (representing sport and communuity)
  • Northampton Community Safety Partnership
  • Northamptonshire Surprise (Tourism and Local Information)
  • Northampton College (Education)
  • Confederation of Small Businesses
  • Northampton Town Centre Business Improvement District
  • Northampton Chamber

(NB: We are conscious that not all diverse communities are represented on this list and will encourage any suitable new community groups to join the panel when they form)

Organisations can apply to join the panel by contacting the radio station via the usual channels and their application is discussed by the Advisory Panel based on whether they would broaden the range of viewpoints on the panel.